Meet Our Team

Picture of Chris
Chris Lusto
Favorite Graph: Drawing Machine
Chris grew up in the mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania and graduated from Villanova University with a degree in Economics. After serving as an artillery officer in the Marine Corps, he went on to study Math and Math Ed at the University of Minnesota. He taught at high schools in Minneapolis and a Pennsylvania town no one has ever heard of. Chris got into web development while working as a curriculum author at Mathalicious, creating interactive lesson content for students and teachers. He submitted so many feature requests to Desmos that they finally decided it would be easier just to hire him.
Picture of Christopher
Christopher Danielson
Favorite Graph: Hello Kitty
Christopher has taught middle school and college math. He is fascinated by people’s (especially children’s) mathematical thinking, and he enjoys helping people make their thinking better. When he’s not on the Des-clock, he’s probably talking math with his kids, making pickles, playing Frisbee, or drinking coffee in a peaceful place.
Picture of Cori
Cori McElwain
Favorite Graph: Pirate Ship
Cori loves problem solving and has enjoyed math ever since her first algebra class. Her love of puzzles and interesting problems led her to study math and computer science in college, and since then she has been searching for the ultimate problem solving job. Cori is a programmer and self-taught designer who is excited to help solve important problems in math education at Desmos. When she isn’t staring at a computer, Cori can be found doing aerial silks, re-reading Harry Potter, or wandering the streets of San Francisco.
Picture of Dan
Dan Meyer, CAO
Favorite Graph: Tasty Fruit
Dan loves questions, the kind that rattle around in your brain at all hours, in the shower, etc. Math always had the most interesting questions for him as a kid. Then math education as an adult. He’s chased those questions through several continents, with thousands of teachers in talks and workshops, in a doctoral program at Stanford, finally landing at Desmos part time in 2012 and joining full time in 2015.
Picture of Denis
Denis Lantsman
Favorite Graph: Harmonics
Denis grew up in a northern Russian city, and moved to the United States in his teens. After getting a CS/Math degree from Harvey Mudd College, he researched ways to make computers understand social behavior at Georgia Tech, and then worked on making computers more useful to human stomachs as a search engineer at Yelp. Growing up in a family of educators, Denis is very opinionated about how education should be done, and that makes him very excited to work at Desmos! When he’s not coding, Denis is slacklining, bouldering, playing bass or volunteering with K-5 kids in Oakland.
Picture of Eli
Eli Luberoff, CEO
Favorite Graph: Curvature
Eli began his programming life on his TI-83 graphing calculator in elementary school, culminating with a working version of Monopoly which was destroyed when he removed the backup battery by accident. He began working on the software that would become during a year-long hiatus from Yale University in 2007, returning to graduate summa cum laude with degrees in Math and Physics in 2009. Eli was also selected by Bloomberg Businessweek as one of the top 25 entrepreneurs under 25 in 2011.
Picture of Eric
Eric Berger, CTO
Favorite Graph: Binary Tree
Eric started and directed the Personal Robotics Program at Stanford University and Willow Garage, creating the PR2 robot and ROS software framework, which won the 2011 ACE award for Technology in the Service of Society. Eric is passionate about providing powerful tools for education, and making them accessible to a wide audience. He lives in Palo Alto with his wife, and spends his weekends kayaking and hiking.
Picture of Jason
Jason Merrill
Favorite Graph: Golden Gate Bridge
Jason became interested in improving tools for interactive mathematics while earning his Ph.D. in physics from Yale University. At Yale, he helped to develop an extremely sensitive technique for measuring forces between microscopic charged particles in oil with an eye toward improving electronic paper displays. Since joining Desmos in October, 2011, Jason has helped to implement new plotting algorithms in the graphing calculator and has led the development of the Desmos API. When not programming, Jason enjoys cycling, swimming in lakes, observing fluid dynamics in tea cups, and arguing about the foundations of statistical mechanics and probable inference.
Picture of Jenny
Jenny Wales
Favorite Graph: Swimmer & Shark
Originally from New Orleans, Jenny received a BS in product design from Stanford University. She likes thinking outside all sorts of shapes and polishing up new, amazing features on Desmos. When she’s not behind her computer, Jenny can be found in front of the candy jar.
Picture of Karishma
Karishma Galani
Favorite Graph: The Spirograph
Growing up, Karishma split her time between Vienna, Mumbai and Boston. Her passion for education grew when she worked in a R&D department within a school, integrating robotics and edtech tools into the curriculum. Karishma went on to pursue edtech at Harvard University. When she’s not working, you’ll find her running and hiking outdoors, exploring the West Coast.
Picture of Kathleen
Kathleen Hammill
Favorite Graph: とり2
Kathleen moved to the Bay Area from Southern California, where she was born and raised. Before moving from SoCal, she earned a BA in Cognitive Science and Philosophy from Occidental College. Kathleen spends much of her time thinking through puzzles and questions about people and their minds. As one of her close friends best put it, she enjoys thinking about thinking about thinking. When not in thought, she is watching movies or YouTube videos, losing herself in a song, or discussing miscellaneous topics with her friends.
Picture of Katy
Katy Elkin
Favorite Graph: Homero
Katy is passionate about bringing the world’s best math tools to our partners. She’s worked on the district side at the NYCDOE, and on the business side at McKinsey and Clever. Katy holds a BA from Michigan and an MBA & M.Ed from Stanford. To see this New York native at her happiest, you’ll find her on the ski slopes or eating a great slice of pizza.
Picture of Luke
Luke Walsh
Favorite Graph: Spiroheart
Luke Walsh graduated from Indiana University in 2000 and then began teaching 8th grade mathematics at a small rural school in North Carolina. After five years in the public education system, he took a break to hike the Appalachian Trail. In 2007, Luke earned a masters in mathematics from Appalachian State University, and since then he has been a full-time mathematics instructor at Catawba Valley Community College (CVCC).
Picture of Michael
Michael Fenton
Favorite Graph: Boat!
Michael joined the Desmos Teaching Faculty in August 2015. Drawing on his experience as a classroom teacher, graduate school instructor, curriculum writer, and professional development consultant, Michael loves exploring how to use technology in ways that foster curiosity and creativity in the math classroom. He graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in General Mathematics and holds Master of Arts degrees in Education and Mathematics. Michael currently lives in Fresno, CA, with his beautiful wife Heather and their four energetic children.
Picture of Mike
Mike Haverstock
Favorite Graph: Lilo & Stitch
Mike Haverstock graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Computer Science. He cut his teeth building Flash-based software for online tutoring and collaboration, but has recently focused on pushing the limits of HTML5 and thinking about browser compatibility. Mike enjoys woodworking, experimenting with his CNC Router, and weekend getaways with his children.
Picture of Shelley
Shelley Carranza
Favorite Graph: Lighthouse Functions
Shelley has taught middle and high school math, and more recently has been an instructional coach for mathematics in the Bay Area of California. She became interested in dynamic math software while at a local math conference in 2008, and has been designing tools ever since to support conceptual development and math talk in her classes. Shelley graduated from UC San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics Secondary Education as well as a Masters of Education. She enjoys hiking, chocolate tasting, and road trips with her family.
Picture of Stephen
Stephen Clower
Favorite Graph: Guitar
Stephen graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in business computer information systems. After receiving his degree, he worked at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, IBM, and Ai Squared before joining the Desmos engineering team in February 2016. He is passionate about bringing accessible math tools to students around the world, including those with disabilities, and leads the company's accessibility initiatives. When he isn't working, he enjoys spending time with his family, drinking coffee, playing guitar, and working random quotes from The Simpsons in to every-day conversation.
Picture of Zack
Zack Ellis
Favorite Graph: The Up House
Zack developed an appetite for math at an early age solving algebraic equations written by his dad on napkins while waiting for their meal at the local Friendly’s. Feeding his passion for problem solving, he earned a degree in bioengineering with a minor in math from UPenn, where he was known to do his wrestling teammates' math homework “for fun.” Professionally, he worked in sales and helped to launch the community program at Apigee and also helped to launch Kindly Care, a home care service for seniors. Outside of work, you can find Zack on the rock climbing walls, listening to a podcast, and/or consuming large amounts of food.
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