What We Do

Desmos wants to help every student learn math and love learning math. But “every student” is a lot of students so we create digital math tools and let the Internet take them to anyone who wants them.

We built the best-in-class HTML5 Desmos graphing calculator, which millions of students around the world use for free. That calculator catches stellar reviews in app stores and from happy users on Twitter. We also create activities on top of that calculator, helping students use a powerful tool to experience all the curiosity, beauty, and sense that math has to offer. Those activities were used so often by so many teachers around the world that we decided to create an Activity Builder, helping every teacher create digital math activities that equal and exceed the activities we create ourselves.

Our user community multiplies every year and that community has requested year’s worth of new features. We sustain that growth through our partnerships with publishers and other math education companies who want to add our technology to their products.

The best days of math education and the best days of Desmos are ahead of us. So join us! Play with the calculator, create an activity, or find a career on our growing team.

Who We Are

Picture of Dan Picture of Denis Picture of Eli Picture of Eric Picture of Michael Picture of Jason Picture of Mike Picture of Katy Picture of Cori We’re a small but growing team. Interested in joining? We’re hiring